eLearning programmes for NZ government

Programme 1

The big picture - An overview of NZ government

(available now)

This programme is made up of 1 course that takes 45-60 minutes to complete. User progress is saved along the way to allow for learning in small bites.

The programme provides learners with a great introduction to all the key parts of government.

It’s perfect for new staff as part of an induction package, those who have come from the private sector, and for more experienced staff looking for a quick refresher in these areas. It's also useful for bringing contractors who are new to government up to speed.

Topics include:

  • The separation of powers into the executive, Parliament, and judicial branches of government

  • The role of the Sovereign and the Governor-General

  • Ministers, Cabinet, and portfolios

  • The different types of State sector agencies

  • The role Parliament has in holding the executive to account

  • Coalition parties, support parties, and opposition parties

  • The role of Judges in interpreting and applying the law

  • Why government has important obligations to Maori under the Treaty of Waitangi

  • Political neutrality and serving different ministers


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Great course - informative without being dull! I thought I knew our governing system well, but I learned plenty!
— December 2018
Nicely done. Great content presented with a fresh look and feel!
— November 2018
This programme will be very useful for someone new to the Public Service
— October 2018
It is great to help staff become more familiar with understanding how their work fits in with the government of the day so that we can be committed to delivering the best advice we can.
— December 2018


Programme 2

the executive

(available November/December 2018)

This programme is made up of 2 courses (30 minutes each).

Course 1 encourages learners to think about the relationship between an agency and its portfolio minister(s). It then focuses on the State sector, and helps people build their understanding of departments, Crown entities, and State-owned enterprises.

Course 2 looks at the role of the Prime Minister in executive government. It also takes people through the Cabinet Committee/Cabinet system so that they’re familiar with the process by which ministers reach policy decisions.


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In the pipeline

The following programmes are under development and will be available in 2019.

Programme 3: Parliament (2 courses)

Programme 4: Show me the money - understanding government finances (2 courses)

Programme 5: Managing government paperwork (3 courses)

Programme 6: Maori, the Crown and the Treaty of Waitangi (2 courses)

Programme 7: Local government (2 courses)

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Privacy Act 1993 programme.png