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Since 2011, civicsquare has provided training for government agencies in machinery of government, policy skills, Cabinet, Parliament, and the Official Information Act 1982.

These are vital topics for people working inside government. But they have to be taught in a way that’s interesting and relevant. And that’s what we do in our face-to-face workshops: sparking people’s interest through engaging content.

We’ve now opened this content up to a wider audience in public sector agencies. The Cabinet Keys are a series of eLearning programmes that explain how government works from the perspective of people working inside it.

By making the programmes available online, people can learn when they want, and wherever they are - in Wellington or beyond. eLearning can also be a cost-effective way of sharing this knowledge right across an organisation.

A lot of eLearning has a fairly bad reputation: click, doze, click, snooze. So we’ve created programmes that are fun and engaging using the award-winning Adapt eLearning framework. 

We’re happy to have a chat about how we can partner with your agency and to answer any questions. Just drop us a line here.


Who are the programmes for?

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The programmes have been designed for people working in central or local government agencies.

Years ago (think pre-1980s), people working inside government agencies typically worked inside the same department their whole career.

But as the public sector workforce has become more fluid, and people switch between the private and public sectors, there isn’t the same institutional knowledge around how government works, how it's structured, and what everyone’s roles are. 

Our programmes help fill this gap by providing the information to people in a way that's easy to understand.

And with eLearning, its totally flexible. People can learn at their own pace, they can repeat parts of the programmes in the future, and they can do it anywhere there is an internet connection!


How does it work?


An agency buys a yearly licence for each programme. This allows an unlimited number of users to access the programme as often as they like. 

There are four licence categories. The category is based on the total number of full time equivalent staff an agency has. Please contact us for pricing information.

Once a licence has been purchased for a programme, that programme can then be installed on an agency's Learning Management System (LMS). All our programmes work with Moodle-based LMS systems, including Totara, as well as most other LMS systems available.

Agencies without their own LMS can host a programme on our secure cloud-based LMS (a nominal hosting fee applies). Each agency has its own dedicated and secure learning space. Staff can simply self-register by email to start a programme.



Can we try it out?

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You sure can.

We think the best way of deciding whether The Cabinet Keys is the right fit for your Learning and Development programme is to try it out.

Just drop us a line and we'll sort it for you.


Who’s using the programmes?

Some agencies using our programmes include:

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